Memories and Memoirs

Image Credit: Pinterest

There are some memories I have made, that I wished was shared with someone.

Like the time I took a 20 hour road trip and a deaf man angrily yanked his envelope from me. I was supposed to give credence to his plight by parting with money. Apparently, he had calculated his proceeds before coming on board the trip and my quota was a part of the final analysis. Until I shook my head sideways vigorously to show my insistence not to drop a dime.

The man was angry and that anger I found humorous. I wish I shared that memory with someone. We could have a good laugh about it over a cup of Ice-Cream and Shawarma.

Going forward, I intend to be more intentional with creating memories with the special people in my life. I want to look over at the year in some eleven months and have a decent archives of memories.