Why I Chose To Be Rich

Image Credit: Pinterest

There is a kind of humility that poverty forces on people. It is the kind of humility that makes you not speak up among your peers or makes you pick up on imagined nuances.

You just become defensive and quick to feel insulted.

Poverty makes your voice seem like babble even if what you are saying is right and infact the truth. In some cases, poverty totally robs you off your voice. You can’t speak in some circles because: what exactly do you want to say? 

Freedom of expression….How???

Being rich empowers, it lends you a voice.

Having money empowers you to speak up about things not just because you have to speak but because you know you can do something about it.

Money makes a lot of things possible.


Having money gives you choices. You see, the real deal about being rich is the choices it brings. That ability to choose, to know you can select or pick is the life.

Money arms you with the power to seek alternatives.


People often times are not intimidated by truths, they are intimidated by the force that backs up the truth.

Money is a kind of force.


Money comes with leverage. The leverage to dream freely. Inability to dream and dream big majorly is because poverty has imprisoned your mind. It has garrisoned you with limitations.


Money improves your creativity. It is easy to create when your exposure is consistently nutured.

Money gives you the power to afford different kinds of exposure.

Inspiration cannot flow in certain places.

Some places hinder the flow.

I once heard Chimamanda say she travels and locks herself up to create most of the writings that caters to her audience.


As a Christian, I realize there are some places I cannot preach the word. I need to look like and wear the truth I am preaching and living.

People hardly argue when confronted with results.

Reception of the word is faster when there are physical proofs to validate it.