For Leaders…

Image Credit: Pinterest

To get the best out of your followers, allow them operate from their area of strength.

As a leader, nuturing should also be a thing for you.

Watch your followers, observe them.

Each person has that trait that makes them stand out from others.

Help them express it without tainting their authenticity.

At times, you want to go all tough love and throw them into the fire expecting them to figure it out.

While that is good, and infact recommended at times, you also need to understand that people are different and while one might get the lesson through tough love, you can completely shatter the other.

Find creative and flexible ways to comunicate principles.

If the principle you aim to teach is ‘grit’, come up with differing ways to make each follower get it. There is always more than one way to teach a thing.

Now, there are some things that are taught, others are caught. Pray them into clarity and while they are on their way to getting it, please don’t make them feel insecure.

Be kind.

People can tell when their leader has genuine love for them and that not just collectively but also individually.

They don’t just feel it, they see it.

Also, do not compare. Once you start comparing, the atmosphere becomes unsafe for your followers to express themselves.

They become threatened by your expectations of them. Have expectations but don’t choke them with it.

Remember people grow into things.

Don’t judge or measure ones growth with the others pace.

Lastly, be the kind of leader you would love to be led by.