For Those Who Monitor Other People’s Progress

Image: Pinterest

You monitor other people’s becoming but you never lend a hand.

You are watching them transform and progress, but you never contribute to their journey.

But the moment they tweet, write, sing, say something that you don’t agree with, you are quick to judge them and call them out.

You retweet their blunders and host a tea party  to talk about how shoddy their book cover is or how vain and mainstream their lyrics are.

You are quick to spot the ‘off’ in their ensemble and ‘I told you’ is never far from your mouth.

You are very emotionally invested in their oversights and shortcomings.

You think you are just being savage and at best displaying your degree in basic common sense.

You know what I know?

Life, this life that we are living, has a way of turning the tables on you without your knowledge; so the same person you are monitoring and hating on low key becomes the one person you need in your corner.

Obviously, stupidity has social consequences and hating on others is even more dire. You only need to stroll the verandah of life and look in through the windows of pain of casualities to understand.

While you can still be helped and your brokeness be fixed, quit and seek help.

It is just more honorable to admit you are messed up on the inside and the progress of others makes you feel unsure of yourself.

Get a breather, because really, what you need is air. Air that comes from being whole.

In the interim, quit leafing through the pages of their book , turning the next page of their profile, pages and feeds.

Get a confessor and spill your guts. Once you are absolutely sure you are fine, come back and re-read this without thinking it was written to shade you.