Makeup Shenanigans

Image Credit: KKwbeauty

A friend asked me recently why I was fighting being pretty.

Why are you bare faced?

I knew he asked because he deeply cared, he deserved my honesty and I truly wanted to tell him.

I second guessed a while though because well….

So I went on ahead and told him.

”I have been bare faced for some nine months now because the attention that comes with having a made up face makes me feel uneasy.”

I could have said more but I needed to examine his reaction; his face read bland so I continued.

”I deliberately withdraw from attention especially when I am the recipient. I don’t do so well with receiving attention.”

Still bland.

”This doesn’t apply to romantic relationships though…”

Still bland.

I continued.

”I am still exploring me and so far this is what I have uncovered.”

He looks at me smiles and soon we start to speak a ‘nese’ that was English but was not English.

It was not Christianese either.

It was a language peculiar to us and our friendship.