Why I Write

Image Credit: Pinterest

The moment I realized that I wasn’t one thing, that the essence of my femininity and humanity cannot be described as one thing, I knew I had discovered myself.

I had discovered my power

I took that power and gave it back to Him.

What do you want me to do with it..

Make other people who are like you, come to find peace with who they are.

Write for them.

Write to empower their minds, to make them realize that ordinary is not for them.

Make them understand that there is an assignment I have for them and until they come into the awareness of their power, of who they are, I can do nothing through them.

Write to change, challenge, renew and redefine their thinking.

Once their minds grasps the depth of the possibilities I have put in them…they can become who I want them to.

Change agents, trail blazers…


You are the voice, and through your pen, call out people like you.

Get them into formation.

This is why I write.

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