On Turning 24 and Evolving

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My full name is ADERINSOLA and it means Royalty merges with Wealth.

Funny how I used to loathe this name back then but now I would roll my eyes to the end of world when someone mispronounces it.

This paragraph reads like a funny way to introduce my first writing in a while yea?

I know, and I sincerely apologize for the silence.

I had to take time out to serve God in other ways that did not involve blogging.

What have I been up to?

I have been living and E. V. O. L. V. I. N. G

Writing and especially blogging had to take a temporary courtesy bow.

I separated writing from blogging because they are two different things involving two entirely different processes (to me).

One is a calling, the other is an activity.

Let’s not even dive into the complexities that comes with being CALLED.

Life has been happening and I am tempted to chronicle a lot of those happenings here, I mean, this is what this diary is about (secondarily).

Contemplations of a 24 year old Christian young adult living in Nigeria.

I love this line. It sounds really put together and sleek.

A lot has happened and I just feel really strongly and very deeply, that it will take me a while to unpack those experiences here.

As much as I love to bare my heart here, I do not want to slip into what I call – ‘Emotional Blogging’.

Emotional blogging is using the platform of a blog to address issues that should hitherto be done in real life.

More like dragging the extremely ‘private’ and baring them publicly to gain empathy and accolades.

Just imagine that..

So, I turned 24 recently and frankly, I felt I would be ushered into my twenty-fourth year with a burst of emotions and pomp. The day for the most part was awesome, thing is, I just didn’t feel what I thought I would feel.

At 22, I predicted my twenty fourth year will be my coolest year ever. Why?

I really do not know but there just was something about 24.

I had it all figured out.

A university degree in the bag, NYSC done and dusted, a 9-5 that pays well and allows me work from home, should have/be planning to register my company, wedding plans stewing somewhere in the corner, masters and several professional certifications too in the offing.

I really had my life all planned out and now that I think about it carefully, my life seems to be going according to plan. My plans for the most part although a lot of it has been inundated by a couple of God incidences recently that have shook me to the core but didn’t leave me the same.

It all still seems surreal though, I am Twenty-Four. Wow!

To fully internalize this new year, I had to leaf through the pages of my twenty-third year. Retrospection is the term for it actually.

I had to retrospect and I came to the conclusion that, I have evolved, I am currently evolving and will still evolve.

While some sides of me have evolved significantly, others are still same; and for those who do not know Dee, here are 15 things about me that may interest you:

1. I am a full time weirdo

Simply explained, I have this ability to become different versions of myself at different times, at different places and with different people. My weirdness really is a super power but because I don’t like to gross people out with the ‘super power’ rant, I just wear the ‘weirdo’ badge proudly and very unapologetically. 

A level of freedom comes with it and that makes it all the more beautiful.

2. I am an effusive planner

I can plan for centuriesssssssssss.

I mean, I have named all three of my kids, written and typed my first daughter’s confessions (a creed of some sort) and even selected the first book she will read as soon as she can read.

I have curated experiences and nuggets from my life that I will hand over to her and very recently, I have started obsessing over vitamins to take during pregnancy and considering if ‘Dear Ijeawele: A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions’ should make the second or third batch of books my son will read.

I have a strong feeling I will be raising kids who will come to understand masculinity and femininity very differently and I need to start bracing up for the assignment that is Motherhood and Parenting.
Yes, I am weird like that.

3. I am a recovering perfectionist.

I love my space arranged to the ‘T’ and every other thing prim and proper. I also have a compulsive need to do things myself, I do not know how to receive help from people. 

4. I love to cook and I love food. My bio on most of my social media platforms reads ‘Content Creator and Curator’. On the days I am not neck deep in research, trying to curate articles; I am in the kitchen, ‘creating content’. My creativity can be experienced in my culinary abilities too.

5. I have an unconventional relationship with God.

I love God and I have realized that my understanding of who God is and who I think God is have evolved. The expressions of my intimacy with Him has undergone a lot of evolving.

Before now, penning this point fifth would have made me feel guilty because it meant I didn’t love God enough to put him number one on the list. Now, I no longer obsess over things of this nature.

I have come to understand that thinking in those terms was a product of conformity.

‘Every serious Christian I know does it, so I should too’ 

So, putting God number one on a list that bares no eternal significance is a measure of how Christian/Saved I am? I shudder just thinking about how I might have judged someone else’s walk with God based on that mindset.

I have evolved and now I am more particular about making sure that I carry an ambience around me that causes people to perceive the Jesus in me differently.

P.S This post will have a sequel titled ‘10 Things About Me You Should Know’