Millenials, Our Parents Are Using Us To Fight Their Battles

Image Credit: #BlackLivesMatter by Kyla Richey

Our parents get into battles they cannot finish and then enlist us to complete it for them. So at 50,  it is no longer about being married to the best man, driving the classiest cars and living in the choicest areas.

It is now, “My daughter is doing better than yours, I told you.”

“My son is wealthier than yours, take a look at his car.”

Our accomplishments are used as bragging rights to appease a sense of inadequacy.

Our parents are using us to fight their battles and even though we know this display of accomplishments is thoroughly unhealthy and unnecessary, we know better than to dialogue with them so we quietly go with the flow.

We beome passive participants in the theatrical production of the ‘My Life is Better Than Yours’ script.

As long as it doesn’t threaten our peace of mind or change the stability of our lives, we act out our part and leave them to cart the emotional proceeds from their investments.


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