Thoughts on Unscripted by Subomi Plumptre

Subomi Plumptre’s Unscripted is a compendium of deep reflections about Life, God, Marriage, Sex, Purpose and more. I love that the book doesn’t have a conventional ‘plot’ hence the writings are unpredictable.

One minute you are reading Subomi write about the Nigerian political landscape, next, you are thrown into poetry and then life lessons from a toothpaste tube. Her ability to dissect a wide range of themes and distill them into readable forms that triggers one to think critically is so underrated.

While reading this book, I found myself simultaneously amused and amazed by Subomi’s audacity.

Who writes a 141-page book on personal contemplations & opinions? You have to believe in yourself, your thoughts, your writings, the power in your writings so much to share it with the world. That audacity is powerful.

I admit I am not yet at that level of growth (I tiptoe towards it daily sounds more like the truth).

Through Unscripted, I have learnt again that my thoughts matter and many can benefit from them.

These paragraphs on marriage & authenticity had me reflecting on this season of my life.

“When you see enough people living wrong, you begin to think everyone else is normal but you. Everywhere you look, evil has become good, corruption has become popular and integrity, a pleasant surprise.”~ Losing Myself

“As I’ve mulled over the subject of marriage, I see just how important it is for marriage to evolve through friendship. The bond of love that’s formed in friendship is the deepest bond I know. A friend knows you inside out and accepts you, not out of obligation, but out of understanding and fondness. A friend can be trusted implicitly. And there’s no shame in friendship. You can be yourself with a friend and can express any and everything (even to the point of being vulgar). Think about it, what is marriage but friendship in close quarters? If you cannot connect with someone on intellectual and emotional levels, there’s no basis for marriage, in my opinion.”~The Marriage Issue

Subomi’s mind is so beautiful. Her ability to express subtleties, nuances and other themes many find uncomfortable was a key highlight for me.

”Sometimes, an unnatural sadness and weariness grips me. ”Adulting” is hard. Very hard. I plead for the strength to do what I must, even though I don’t feel like it. Loneliness has become a constant shadow. My friends are those that are available when I need companionship. I wonder, ”Can fulfilment ever be attained? Is life a journey with a definite destination?” Maybe constant restlessness is a prelude to progress. Or maybe it is a sign that I’m doing the wrong things. I wish I knew for sure.”~ Fulfilment

A striking element I found many times in the book is her love for God, how she relates with Him and her opinions on how the Church can be more effective.

”Indeed, those outside the church can only recognise Christianity by its impact and public acts of service. But is there a point where church becomes so big that its administrative requirements begins to interfere with its core mandate? Does it get to a place where service in church becomes so all consuming that individuals begin to neglect their personal development? I think the order of priority in any Christian’s life should be their personal relationship with God (and by extension, God’s mandate for their life) and then family. Everything else comes after.~ Misplaced Christian Priorities

For someone with such intellectual dexterity, it is tenable to assume faith may not be her life anchor and that many opinions reached are by-products of critical thinking, analysis and observation. But no. Subomi has a relationship with God that permeates every aspect of her life.

Having read a lot of her thoughts on her relationship with God, it is easy to conclude that her life’s journey is shaped by this beautiful relationship she has with Him.

Below are other paragraphs I found resonant in the book:

“In life, you should never close your mind to possibilities because of a previous bad experience. Sometimes, all you need to do is look at things from another perspective, add something new or try something differently”. ~ More Lessons From My Toothpaste Tube

“The fear of God and nobility of purpose are common denominators in all the “good” people I’ve come across in Abuja, whether they are religious or not. The ability to subordinate oneself to a higher moral authority and the belief that one is a part of something bigger than oneself is a theme running through all brave men and women.”~ Lessons From The Capital City

”Live your life in such a way that if you died today, there would be no regrets. You should be able to look back on your life and know you’ve done something meaningful to impact the world.” ~ Some Encouragements

N:B I got Unscripted via Amazon for $12.99. You can click here to order a copy.