Help Me

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Lord help me:

Help me to move on from the past.

Help me to look at my scars without feeling pains from the wound that was once there.

Help me not to prove who I am to myself.

Quench the desire in me to prove to myself that I am fine.

Help me not to find the misfortune of others amusing.

Help me not to feel gratified when those who offend me are in despair. 

Restore my soul.

Help me to stay within the confines of who you have created me to be.

Help me to be content.

Help me not to define myself by the things I have.

Help me not to measure others by what they have or who they know.

Help me to help others without thinking of praise.

Help me to help others without any selfish motivations. 

Teach me how to love myself so I can love others with an assurance that this is how you want me to love them.

Help me to remain unswayed by popular culture and doctrine.

Help me to continue to stay rooted & firmly planted in your word.