Don’t Stray

Image Credit: The Minimalist Illustrations by Sacrée Frangine

I have had a particular iPhone for about 3 years now and I am reluctant to give it out even after getting a new one recently. It holds so many memories that are dear to my heart.

Today for instance, I looked through some pictures from about 5 years ago. I was fixated on four pictures especially.

The first picture is a picture of me in my final year in Uni holding a book – ‘The Power of Simple Prayers’ by Joyce Meyer.

The second picture is a picture of a folder that held all my goals for the year and monthly accountability reports written by me. The front page of the folder has the words ‘The Life of Dee’ written boldly.

The third picture is a picture of an email I sent from my email account to my other email account at the time. The email has five word documents as attachments. Each document is titled, ‘An Honest Evaluation of my (each month of the year).’

The fourth picture is a campaign flier I paid a graphics consultant to make for me to amplify publicity for a project I was working on during my service year.

Looking through each picture, I feel torrents of emotions I cannot piece into words. If someone told me back then that I will evolve into the woman I am today, I won’t be surprised because I was so intentional about my life.

I took my life quite seriously.

For a woman in her early twenties, I was intense.

Side note: I am still intense and I have learned over the years to steward & wield this intensity with increased wisdom as it is both a strength and a gift.

Every decision I made in that season was thought through thoroughly & every choice weighed carefully. I was intentional about friendships, relationships, mentorship, service, the pursuit of God and what He wanted me to do.

Of course with how driven and intentional I was, it is easy to assume I didn’t make mistakes.

Wrong. I made mistakes.

In retrospect, I realize that on my journey, my biggest struggle has been fighting hard to ensure I don’t stray from the path God has shown me. The path didn’t make sense many times and I had to question my “God said” on some occasions.

For instance, I recall that time my father redeployed me back to Lagos (in good faith) for my service year but God had told me expressly to stay back in the northern state I had been posted to.

My father couldn’t understand it.

“How do you turn down a redeployment to Lagos egbami?”

He was genuinely perplexed.

It seemed crazy even to me at the time but I knew God told me to stay. So I obeyed.

To prevent my parents from dissuading me, I didn’t go home after the 3 weeks orientation camp.

A significant fruit of that obedience is meeting my husband and marrying him years later.

My parents started respecting me differently after that season.

My point, which really is the crux of this post is this: Even when the path doesn’t make sense, stay. Don’t stray.

Stay the path and always do whatever God tells you to do.

One other thing I have learnt on my journey is this: Every season is an investment for the next. Don’t be in a hurry to move to the next season you forget to maximize your current season.

Your current season will determine the quality of the next season. Be faithful with your seasons.

I am grateful for that season of my life and the many other seasons that have culminated into the woman I am today.