On Resentment

Image Credit: Pinterest

Resenting God because it looks like everyone else but you is living in the reality of their prayers will not make God’s time come faster in your life.

What resentment does, in the long run, is it blurs your perspective. It makes you believe a lie.

You might have ingested a definition of success that may not align with what God wants for your life in this season, and because your worship of Him is not what makes Him God, you cannot resent Him into blessing you with what He has not endorsed for you.

Here are 3 things you can do instead of resenting God:

A. Choose to see the good in every situation

When you begin to intentionally see the good in every situation, it boosts your faith and assures you that the God that came through for you then will come through for you in this situation.

B. Celebrate with others

Genuinely celebrate other people’s wins. If you need a job and someone you know gets a dream job, be happy for them. Send a congratulatory text, place a call, get them a gift, ask them what they did, and tell them to share tips with you.

What you shouldn’t do is start spiralling or questioning God’s faithfulness. God will do it for you. He did it for others, He won’t get to your turn and become unfaithful. He will come through for you.

C. As much as you can afford to, don’t isolate yourself

The lie that you are the only one going through this rough patch has been recycled countless times. Tons of people are experiencing the same thing you are going through; others have it worse.

Elijah thought he was the only one who wasn’t willing to bow to Baal. God told him ”7000 people like you have refused to bow to Baal. ”

You are not alone.

Don’t let discouragement and resentment distort your reality, isolate you, make you wallow in self-pity or slip into depression.

Surround yourself with people (if you can), go out (if you can), and listen to music that boosts your faith.

Don’t give up. God will come through for you.