Life Lessons from a Lesbian and Her Queer Friends

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I was on a lesbian’s social media page this morning.

Jumoke Randle’s biological sister called out her ex for abusing her while they were in a relationship, making videos based on that abusive relationship and painting her in a bad light while narrating her version of events. This call-out led to a social media uproar.

After reading her account of what happened, I checked her ex’s page. I scrolled all the way down to her very first post and scrolled back up again. I moved to her YouTube channel and watched two videos which give me some form of perspective about her personality. 

BO who was awake at the time couldn’t understand why I was watching the videos.

”I can relate with her” I told him.

His facial expression in response to what I said had me chuckling but I kept on watching the videos.

I soon moved from watching her YouTube videos to checking out the social media pages of queer friends they had both been in a relationship with as JR’s sister’s call-out detailed girlfriends they had in common.

Looking through all their (their is defined as: JR’s sister, her ex and their girlfriends) social media pages, I discovered, all of them had a gift and that gift was their mind. It’s one thing to have a gift and be completely oblivious about it, these women knew they had a gift and were very generous with sharing that gift.

They were very articulate, could convey their thoughts clearly and with such depth that caused people to acknowledge their rarity.

The alleged abuser had a very beautiful and powerful mind which she has since put into use by advocating for the interest of the LGBTQ movement in Nigeria.

Beneath that visibility, power and self-sufficient appeal, I couldn’t help but notice that she is clearly contrived.

You see, when God gives you a gift and you refuse to acknowledge Him as the source of the gift and ask Him to teach you how to use it, you will wallow in depravity. 

As I scrolled through those social media pages, I saw depravity — mental depravity. Beneath the well thought out poetry and impressive captions are humans trying to make sense of their humanity. Humans trying to make sense of why they are the way they are & why other humans cannot come to terms with who they profess they are.

You cannot discover yourself outside of God.

Intellects that is not grounded on the truth is a sham. You are out here philosophising about your truth but there is only one truth and He is a person.

I noticed that people like the queer community referenced above have a certain kind of depth that attracts people to their light but if you look really closely, beneath the layers of ‘self’ they have created for themselves, there is a strong emptiness they feel. Most people that swing that way have become one with it. 

When I told BO I can relate with JR’s sister’s ex, what I meant is, I know what it’s like to have your mind as your greatest gift. Everyone sees things a certain way but you see it slightly differently. You can move through layers and layers of nuances to deduce truth. It’s almost as though you can see through people’s souls.

This gift is both a burden and a blessing. It isolates you but it also attracts people to you.

People who have this gift and have given it back to God operate in a dimension of the prophetic that is intense. One of their critical success factors is having a praying parent/ praying parents and spiritual mentors who ensure they are grounded in truth.

Digressing, this is also one of the reasons we cannot parent according to trends. We partner with God to raise our kids. It is possible to have three kids come from your loins but are quite different. You cannot use what worked for one child to parent the other.

I pray that Jumoke Randle’s sister, her ex and all their queer friends receive healing — the type that comes from receiving the life of Christ and not from self therapizing.