You Deserve Kindness

Image Credit: Osengwa

My life these days look like a curation of the finest moments from a travel & lifestyle magazine. 

On some days, it is surreal. On other days, it is real and then on some other days, I go through both motions. 

It is a great place to be. To watch yourself live in the reality of a life you once thought was far-fetched. 

I leave my bedroom to look at my garden and just soak it all in from time to time. 

Abundance and ease.

When you move from having things handed to you only when you put in a required level of work to thinking about something and seeing it manifest almost immediately, it does something to you.

Songs like ‘life is not hard’ takes on a whole different meaning for you. 

The other day I was asking BO if I was ‘serious’ with life because what is all this ease? The results I churn out are consistent with my personal standard of excellence but my process doesn’t mirror what the feeds show.

His response was a brief smile.

Beneath that smile, I knew he was saying ”Dee, be kind to yourself”.

When your reality doesn’t match what you think it should mirror, you tend to be self-critical. You overthink, go over scenarios & processes trying to spot patterns just so you can ‘feel’ okay.

But your process doesn’t have to look a certain way for it to be valid neither are you a fraud because your process looks this way and your results are that good. 

Be kind to yourself. 

There really isn’t one way to approach life. 

Granted, there are values that should matter to you and you should lead life with – kindness, honesty, integrity, hard work, joy etc but there really isn’t a prescribed pattern on how these values should be reflected on your journey. 

It is your journey and you need to trust yourself. 

You are not unserious or any of those negative things you tell yourself.

Show yourself some kindness. You deserve it.