Finding Me

Image Credit: Tumgir

I saw ‘Oprah + Viola, A Netflix Special Event’ the other day and watching Viola Davis share her journey to personal significance was deeply moving. 

Opening up about the crippling poverty she was born into, her experience with sexual violence, watching her father beat her mom, struggling with bed wetting till she turned 14, constantly smelling of urine, going to school with wet clothes, dealing with acute anxiety, enduring racism, trauma, pain and grief was a lot to take in.

Watching that immense show of vulnerability, noting the brilliance of her mind and how fiercely she embraces the history that contributed to how she shows up boldly in the world, was so powerful.

So when BO got me her memoir as an early birthday gift, I was grateful and giddy.

“Everybody moves through life fighting to be seen, even to be seen by themselves.”

Giddy because Viola Davis typifies a kind of success that comes from embracing your most authentic self irrespective of how unpopular it is; an intense belief in visioning, hard work, personal growth and a strong sense of self. 

“I don’t know how to tell my story other than to tell the truth.”

I am spending May immersing myself in Finding Me.