Some Personal Development Wins in 2022

Image Credit: Shereadstruth via Pinterest

A. The McKinsey Forward Africa Program

I finally completed the McKinsey Forward Africa Program. This is a big deal given how busy the first few months of 2022 were for me. The Forward Africa Program is a free virtual program designed to equip corporate professionals with 1-5 years of corporate experience with the practical skills they need to thrive in the future of work.

I applied for the inaugural cohort Q2 2021 but couldn’t complete all my learning modules before set timelines. I decided to reapply for the program in Q3 and I got accepted in Q4.

Acceptance mail

I decided I was going to honour this second opportunity with my best effort and complete all modules before the deadline and I did.

Reflections from my journal

It was a rigorous 22 weeks journey but totally worth the investment of time. Learning about themes like adaptability, workplace resilience, communicating for impact, and a critical thinking approach toward problem-solving was enlightening. I enjoyed facilitating the group case assignment virtual sessions (a mandatory requirement for graduating from the program), learning and meeting new people from different parts of the world. I also learned a lot from the leadership and critical thinking workshop.

Certificate of Completion

The Mckinsey Forward Africa program has been one of the most intentional investments I have made in my career development in 2022. I look forward to practicalizing my learnings.

B. Summer Abroad Programme 2022

I am currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Communications in England. In Q2, I applied for the Summer Abroad Programme in the United States of America. The Summer Abroad Programme provides students with an opportunity to complete a four weeks programme at a partner institution outside of UK.

This year, my school partnered with institutions in Malaysia, the United States of America, the Czech Republic and India. The programme is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students and placements are awarded based on the strength of your application.

I alongside nine other students got accepted for this year’s programme in the US. This was a major win for me because of how competitive it is to get a placement for your desired location.

Acceptance mail

The Summer Abroad Programme is a great platform for gaining new experiences, networking and honing my leadership skills. Unfortunately, I will not be participating in the programme this year due to some personal reasons but getting selected is a win that deserves celebration.

Cheers to more wins, intentionality & growth in 2022.