The Face Behind The Blog.

Hello there.

I am excited to have you on my blog and on this page.  I am Aderinsola Adeniran, most people call me Dee.

Well, except my mum who calls me Derin and is life’s greatest gift to me second only to my Dad and then the boo who of course I cannot talk about here.

This is an introduction page after all. Hahaha.

So now you know I am not an orphan and there is a boo and I am the crazy person who would write something like this as a bio.

What else?

My mum is my most humorous muse of all time. We have a beautiful relationship you will get to understand once you decide to stay with me here.

I have a first degree in English Language from a University in Nigeria and a UK Certification in Content Strategy. By education I am a Linguist, by passion a Writer and by Profession, a Content Strategist. I am also the Founder and Content Lead at –AderinsolaInc, a Business/Brand Communication company.

I am both introverted and extroverted and that comes across as weird to a lot of folks, so I fly the weirdo badge a whole lot and very proudly too. I am passionate about changing, challenging, renewing and redefining conventional wisdom and thinking.

I am a certified thinker, retired foodie. I also have a fetish for books. I am particularly enamoured by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s writings and the possibilities they represent. I wanted a platform to write about things I wished someone else wrote to guide my choices as a young adult so I decided to start this blog.

My blog is a bank of some sort that houses a potpourri of experiences, contemplations and basically,  life as I see it. If you would like to know what life through the eyes of this 24 year old weirdo and bundle of every amazing looks like then you are on the right creative space. I hope you stay and because I have a feeling you will, I will just say, welcome on board.


Just so we put a face to the name. Naah, I am not that serious lol




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