You Listened To Her, Now You Are Screwed

In recent times, I have had cause to leaf through the pages of my old journals. Expectedly, this process sends me into deep thinking mode. The scribbles in those journals represents a lot. For the sake of this post though, I will be making a temporary call on ‘aborted pursuits’ because I listened to ‘her’….

The People Bondage

Why do you keep doing this to yourself? Why do you keep tucking ‘you’ in and wearing a ‘you’ that is far from who you are? Who sold the lie to you that you need to impress to be cool? Who told you being ‘cool’ is the ‘thing’? So people are attracted to who they…

Unarmed Robbery

You are an unarmed robber: When you have what someone else needs but refuse to give because: ”I am not all that, what could I possibly have to give”. When you are a custodian of a wisdom that can change things but you hoard it because: What do I know, Little me. When you shrink…

Nothing to Prove

Having  nothing to prove doesn’t mean you are nonchalant about how people perceive you. Having nothing to prove means you accept yourself so much, you are fine with people seeing you in any other way different from who you are. When people misunderstand you, it no longer becomes an offense. You are fine with it….