Don’t Judge Her

Watch that girl that has a compulsive need to be seen and a come back for everything. Her presence is a continuous reminder that life is indeed littered with the ugly and the ugly comes at times with the prettiest of faces. You clearly cannot stand her and everything she stands for. You loathe her guts…

For Those Who Monitor Other People’s Progress

You monitor other people’s becoming but you never lend a hand. You are watching them transform and progress, but you never contribute to their journey. However, the moment they tweet, write, sing or say something that you don’t agree with, you are quick to judge them and call them out. You retweet their blunders and…

Meditations: On Maturity and Weirdness

Maturity is the ability to adjust to differing situations and circumstances without surrendering your values. …. There is a power that comes from being you, staying true to your core, retaining your weirdo badge even in the midst of conventions and norms. Never lose it. Never ever lose your weirdness.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure doesn’t have an age limit. It’s the reason why a 75 year old man will ‘turn up for the boys’ in different hues of legal tenders but has pending responsibilities and hungry mouths to feed. The way life is structured, peer pressure never ceases. Instead, you are expected to outgrow pressure and peers….