When you understand your season and you are at peace with it, what others think about the sacrifices you have to make in that season becomes irrelevant.

Social Media Hacks and Etiquettes for Millennials

Use the same profile picture and bio across all your platforms. It validates the credibility of your digital presence. Do not use a raunchy picture as a profile picture. Similarly, ensure there is an offline consistence with your online profile summary. Your bio should describe who you are and not who you were. We all evolve,…

I Finally Met Chimamanda and Here is What I Learnt

If you are an ardent reader of my blog, then you most likely know that I love Chimamanda. I am thoroughly smitten by the quality of her femininity. I met Chimamanda the other day and guys it was surreal. The meeting which was a night of conversations bordering on Feminism, Femininity and generally issues that affect…

You Listened To Her, Now You Are Screwed

In recent times, I have had cause to leaf through the pages of my old journals. Expectedly, this process sends me into deep thinking mode. The scribbles in those journals represents a lot. For the sake of this post though, I will be making a temporary call on ‘aborted pursuits’ because I listened to ‘her’….

Are you A Wannabe?

I recently peeked into the decision making process of an influencer, the exposure I got was so profound, it triggered a lot of thoughts. They were exclusive musings, but I knew I had to write about it here. If you are passionate about authenticity, you should be able to relate with where I am drawing my perspectives from. Who is a Wannabe?…

What ‘Living’ in the Hospital Has Taught Me About Life

I am writing this from a tiny cubicle in the ward of a hospital. From here, I can hear the shrills of a woman in a labor, the weary face of a nurse who is overworked and underpaid, I see relatives sleeping with their loved ones muttering prayers of healing under their breath, staring at…


When the woman is whole, self love becomes a lifestyle.

On Turning 24 and Evolving

My full name is ADERINSOLA and it means Royalty merges with Wealth. Funny how I used to loathe this name back then but now I would roll my eyes to the end of world when someone mispronounces it. This paragraph reads like a funny way to introduce my first writing in a while yea?? I…


I adjusted the collars of my pride, straightened the wrinkles on my values; I took my diginity out on a stroll and reminded her that we never loose.