What Living in the Hospital Has Taught Me About Life

I am writing this from a tiny cubicle in the ward of a hospital. From here, I can hear the shrills of a woman in a labor, the weary face of a nurse who is overworked and underpaid, I see relatives sleeping with their loved ones muttering prayers of healing under their breath, staring at…

Our Parents Are Using Us To Fight Their Battles

Our parents get into battles they cannot finish and then enlist us to complete it for them. So at 50,  it is no longer about being married to the best man, driving the classiest cars and living in the choicest areas. It is now, “My daughter is doing better than yours, I told you.” “My…

Meditations: On Maturity and Weirdness

Maturity is the ability to adjust to differing situations and circumstances without surrendering your values. …. There is a power that comes from being you, staying true to your core, retaining your weirdo badge even in the midst of conventions and norms. Never lose it. Never ever lose your weirdness.


I adjusted the collars of my pride, straightened the wrinkles on my values; I took my diginity out on a stroll and reminded her that we never loose.