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For Those Who Are Grieving

For Those Who Are Grieving the loss of a loved one: A. The pain never really stops, instead its intensity wanes with time. B. ”I was 2 when my mother died, I had to brace up and pull myself together…”, ”Crying will not solve anything” Do not let anyone dismiss your pain. C. ”Take heart”;…


When you understand your season and you are at peace with it, what others think about the sacrifices you have to make in that season becomes irrelevant.

Today, I Paid Money To Have a 2 Hour Conversation With My Uber Driver

Time Check: 6:49pm I commute everyday from the mainland to the Island. On the streets of livelihood it is called “hustling” for me, it is called something else; at the core though, is the mindset that in this 24th year, something has to give. Note to self: I need to write on suffering, luxury and…