My Very Own Deetionary.

Disclaimer: This page will be updated soon

Hey there darl.

I am excited to have you on my blog and on this page.

So I designed my blog in such a way that when people read, they feel as though I am there with them spilling out gist, dairy style.

You know the same way you would recount daily happenings of your life in your own dairy, complete with abbreviations, slangs and cliches, that’s what I do.

However, from time to time, I get responses from people saying

“Dee, I love your blog, but I didn’t understand so and so word you used in so and so place”

The thing is when I put my mind to it, really put my mind to it, I can be very exuberant, down to earth and expressive.

Obviously, I really put my mind to it when I write hence, the obvious.

So, in order to bridge this communication gap, I came up with a way to make you understand my kinda language.

I created my very own Deetionary.


I know.

The meaning of most of these words can be easily inferred based on the context but just in case though, here is a list of words you should check out.

Here we go…


⦁ Gats-Have to.
⦁ Jes-Just.
⦁ Issorai-It’s alright.
⦁ Ogbonofelifeli-Steaming hot.
⦁ Yea-Yes.
⦁ Bunkers-Crazy.
⦁ Ogbeni-A Yoruba word used to address someone in the first person singular plural case.Lets just say it means ‘you’.
⦁ Jah-God.
⦁ Pops-God.
⦁ Lemme-Leave me.
⦁ Jere/Jare-Jere/Jare.
⦁ Jo-Jo.
⦁ ‘Bout-About.
⦁ Razz-Blunt.
⦁ Wooh-See.
⦁ Outta-Out of.
⦁ Buh-But.
⦁ Darl-Darling.
⦁ Hehehe-Laughter.
⦁ Wanna-Want to.
⦁ Wella-Very well.
⦁ Sawry-Sorry.
⦁ Tres-Very.
⦁ Warefa-Whatever.
⦁ Na-Now.
⦁ Tis-It is.
⦁ Hubs-Husband.
⦁ Aff-Have.
⦁ Lil-Little.
⦁ Preggy-Pregnant.
⦁ Someborri-Somebody.
⦁ Sef-Too.
⦁ Twas-It was.
⦁ Erritin-Everything.
⦁ Errione-Everyone.
⦁ Bam!-Just like that.
⦁ Farabale- Calmly,chill.
⦁ Iranu-Yoruba cliche used to mean Nonsense.
⦁ Wooh-Yoruba cliche used to mean ‘see’.
⦁ ….. /ellipsis You’ll come across this a whole lot..infact most of my write ups are replete with this.My mind is every buzzing with ideas and stuffs so when you come across {…} in any line ,it just means am thinking.
Walahi- sincerely.
IMO- In my opinion.
ShameLESS- unashamed/ not conservative.

Minnit- Mean it.

Askor- Yoruba slang which mean I had rather not listen to what you have to say.

That is all for now.

I will update this page from time to time to fill you all in on new words I have learnt or coined.

Hugs and Kisses

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