Prudence will elude you on some days but try to save. Try to save a little. A little money. A little time. A little solitude. A little sarcasm. A little reservation. A little love. A little sweetness. A little you.


Do you know that inability to receive generosity from others is an indication of a prideful heart? Add this to your arsenal of life lessons.  

On Experiences and Becoming

Some experiences you go through now are not for you, they are for someone else, see them as life lessons. I know you feel you do not deserve it but what do your feelings know. They are too insecure to call the shots for you. You need to learn how to be fine with being…


I don’t have to love you to glean wisdom from you. I do not even have to like you to learn from you. Willingness to learn in place, zeal and determination on board and I am good to go. The feelings can come later and that is if they ever come at all. At times,…