You Listened To Her, Now You Are Screwed

In recent times, I have had cause to leaf through the pages of my old journals. Expectedly, this process sends me into deep thinking mode. The scribbles in those journals represents a lot. For the sake of this post though, I will be making a temporary call on ‘aborted pursuits’ because I listened to ‘her’….

Ambition vs Purpose

What makes ambition different from purpose is fellowship. Ambition takes you out of fellowship with God, purpose revolves around your fellowship with God. To double check if you are either in ambition or purpose, audit the activities you engage in carefully, and the causes you are heavily invested in. If the outcomes always seek to…


I adjusted the collars of my pride, straightened the wrinkles on my values; I took my diginity out on a stroll and reminded her that we never loose.

Salient Lessons from the Corporate World

Provisions are scarcely made for ignorance. You are expected to know certain things. It is a dog eat dog out world there. Fitting in is a statement of being ‘normal’. You don’t fit in and you are tagged a social outcast. The credibility of your performance is a definition of comparison. How good you are…