More on What I Learnt in my Twenty-Second Year

Crowd mentality is rife in this part of the world and most go after the safety that comes with the familiar. Doing the unfamiliar and owning it rather brazenly is strange and quite a lot of people are uncomfortable with it. Mental toughness is key in towing the line of the ‘unpopular’ and ‘unconventional’. Putting my…

7 Things I Learnt in my 22nd Year

1. Age is not just a number.2. Leaning on others isn’t weakness, it is strength.3. Gossip doesn’t look good on nobody.4. Friendship is cultivated and nutured.5. Integrity is attractive.6. The church doesn’t house perfect people. 7. My dad still believes in miracles- that his baby girl will someday wear that black gown and grey wig.